Here’s your IAC To-Do list for this week, for the EACH ONE, RECLAIM ONE challenge:
Monday, November 3 – Reach out to a Soror co-worker or former co-worker or Soror who does the same thing as you professionally
Tuesday, November 4 – Write a note or send a card and include an invitation for Sorors to attend the December Chapter meeting
Wednesday, November 5 – Contact a Soror you served on a committee or did an IAC service project with
Thursday, November 6 – Contact your Sands and/or other Sorors who pledged during the same timeframe as you
Friday, November 7 – Contact a Soror who pledged in the same chapter as you
Saturday, November 8 – Send the E-card to invite Sorors to chapter meeting and the Holiday Soiree and send it to as many Sorors as you can think of. (This E-card will be provided to you through the loop, all you’ll need to do is forward it!)
Sunday, November 9 – Reach out to a Soror in your church or your spiritual circle. You can even share a mediation from the Chaplain’s Council and let them know of the prayer support from IAC
Sorors, let’s consider the impact Deltas can make on our community when we all get active and let’s make it our priority to do what we can in this national challenge! EACH ONE RECLAIM ONE!