Delta Internal Development (DID) Workshop/Training (Members Only)

It was suggested by Soror Nunn Spencer that this training be scheduled following a chapter meeting to ensure the best attendance and before committee chairs begin 2020-2021 budget preparations. Please note that a quorum of the chapter is mandatory for this training.  In order to accommodate Soror Hill’s tight schedule, the DID training needs to begin no later than 1pm.  As a result, our March CHAPTER MEETING will begin an hour earlier at 9:00am [to 11:30am].  We will arrange box lunches to be delivered/available from 11:30-12:45pm.  Sorors, we will have lunch brought in so that sorors will not need to leave the building between chapter and DID training.  The DID will begin promptly at 1pm and sorors more than 15 minutes will not receive credit for attendance.

WHAT:    Finance Delta Internal Development (DID) workshop/training
TIME:     1:00pm
WHERE: Brook Park Elementary School, 5929 David Street, Indianapolis, IN  46226 (Lawrence)
COST:    $15 per Soror (Box lunch and expenses related to training – (PayPal, cash or check)
*DID Facilitator:  Soror Helen Hill, Midwest Member, National Finance Committee
You may use the PayPal link provided below to pay your $15 DID fee:
Each Soror will be required to sign the Appendix 4 (APMI) Delta Internal Development Workshop Completion form.  Sorors arriving more than 20 minutes late (than the scheduled workshop start time) and/or do not remain for the entire training, will not receive “credit” for having attended the DID.