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We are excited to give you several options to pay your dues!!!  To pay your dues, select one of the following methods, follow the simple instructions if applicable and you are on your way to being a financial member of the Indianapolis Alumnae Chapter!

     *   You can pay in person by Cash, Check or Credit/Debit Card (Portable Merchant Device) at Chapter Meetings and/or
           at events when Financial Officers are available.

     *   You can pay online via PayPal (PayPal is an online web service that enables you to securely send money, make
          online payments, receive money, make purchases and pay bills online.) See easy instructions below.

     *   You can also pay by Mail.  See easy instructions below.


> > > >  VERY IMPORTANT – PLEASE READ  < < < <

The processing time for dues is 30 days from submission. You are not a financial member of the chapter until your name appears on the financial roster from National Headquarters.

Please be sure to complete the required Dues form below and submit it; by not doing so will delay the processing of your dues payment.

Also, please know that National Dues and Local Dues have been increased for IAC which is included in the amounts below.

If you have any questions about your dues, please contact the Treasurer at treasurer@dstiac.orgYou may also contact the 2nd Vice President at to obtain further information regarding getting connected to IAC or go to our “Membership” web page at for further information. 


Dues Options Descriptions

Δ  Life  Member Category:
>>> 2020-2021<<<
*  $200 – Golden Life and Diamond Life Member statuses – Your dues are a flat rate of $200 (you’ll never pay any late fees nor reinstatement fees).

Δ  Regular Member Category:
>>> 2020 – 2021 <<<
*  $390 – If you pay your dues on time your dues will be $390.
$405 – If you have been financial less than 2 years, your dues will be $405.
*  $420 – If you have not been financial for 2 years or more, your dues will be $420.

Δ  Member-At-Large Category:
If you are a Member-at-Large changing to pay dues to IAC, please see an IAC financial officer in person for special handling.


To pay your dues Online, follow these simple instructions:

1. To pay your 2020-2021 dues, please complete the Annual Dues Renewal Form 2020-2021.

2. Email the form to and mention your Name and Member #.

3. Go to

4. Make your selection below from the drop-down list of Dues Options:

2020-2021 Dues

5. Click the PayPal “Add to Cart” button which will take you straight to PayPal to finalize your payment.  (PayPal is an online web service that enables you to securely send money, make online payments, receive money, make purchases and pay bills online.)

6. Once your payment is accepted, you will receive a PayPal Confirmation Receipt; Please print and keep it for your records.


To pay your dues by Mail, follow these simple instructions:

1. To pay your 2020-2021 dues, please complete the Annual Dues Renewal Form 2020-2021.

2. Make your payment payable to: Delta Sigma Theta

3. Mail the form and your payment to the Chapter’s PO Box mailing address:
      Indianapolis Alumnae Chapter
      PO Box 1364
      Indianapolis, IN 46206-1364



For any questions or concerns, please contact the Financial Secretary at or the Treasurer at


Annual Dues Renewal Form 2020-2021